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Thanks for ordering delicious and nourishing foods from Alice's Kitchen!
Most menu items are 2-4 "average appetite" portions. Contact Alice if you'd like further details.
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Types of Customers:
Community Supported Foods members commit to ordering units of food each week for a 10-week cycle; you may renew at the end of each cycle if you choose. CSF members receive a discount off the regular prices as a thank you for your 10-week commitment. Contact us if you’d like to inquire about becoming a member. New members must be approved by Alice and begin the 1st week of a cycle.
A La Carte customers may order as many or as few items as you’d like, as often or as infrequently as is best for you. You have complete flexibility. In fact, you can order right now if you’d like!

Please place your order by Friday 3:00 p.m.; food will be ready by 2:00 p.m. Tuesday. If you place your order after the deadline, give me a call (413-634-5659) or send me an email ( so I know your order has been placed. If we're experiencing a high order volume, we will likely not be able to accept late orders. You will immediately receive an email confirmation that an order has been placed; later you will receive a full email receipt with the amount due. If you have not received a full receipt by Sunday 11:00 a.m., please contact us.

Payment is due at the time of pick-up or delivery. We accept checks (to Alice’s Kitchen) or cash (with your name attached). We package all foods in glass containers; there may be a refundable deposit for each container. We will refund the deposit when you return the containers. If you're a "regular" (repeat) customer in good-standing, the deposit charge will be waived.

Delivery may be available depending on your location; check with Alice before determining if you can be a delivery customer. Customers who are approved for delivery: check a delivery charge box on the order form below when placing your orders. You have a choice of $3, $4, and $5; please choose the one that feels comfortable for you. These charges make it possible for us to hire delivery folks so that we can continue to offer this valuable service.

We hope you enjoy the delicious foods that we so enjoy preparing for you!

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